URBAN MOMFARE Wins the 2014 FringeNYC Excellence Award for BEST OVERALL MUSICAL!

What critics are saying:


★★★★ “A cute, clever and sincere exploration of 17 years of mommyhood…These talented ladies ably juggle the score’s cunning rhymes.” – Time Out New York, Critic’s Pick


“Urban Momfare is campy fun that punches with comedic jabs…endearing and filled with heart.”  - Theater In The Now


“Urban Momfare is a refreshing balance of humor and heart, anchored just enough in reality to receive nods and laughs of appreciation from the audience…Grayson and Jankell struck gold with their topic.” – My Entertainment World


“I loved the show. URBAN MOMFARE is charming, cheeky, heartfelt and just a down right fun show…The laughs and the songs are amazing but, what really caught me about the show were those clear moments of complete honesty when it comes to motherhood, relationships, and even the fear of not liking your child. There were scenes that made me want to call my own mother to just say thanks." – NY Theater Now


“Entertaining and heartfelt…Most Fringe shows that I've seen don't seem quite ready for a commercial transfer but I can easily picture Urban Momfare as an Off-Broadway hit.” – Nite Life Exchange


“A very enjoyable show.” – Manhattan With A Twist


“The jokes fly a mile a minute...In Urban Momfare, the show just gets better and better, each punchline more poignant than the one before.” – The Mama Maven


“Pamela Weiler Grayson’s music and ferociously clever lyrics blend heart with hilarity and give the characters depth and vibrancy. The score works organically with Grayson and Jankell’s well-crafted libretto, to move the story forward…If there is any justice, URBAN MOMFARE will soon move on to a longer run in a major venue.”  - Ethan Kanfer, New York Theater Reviews


Ken Davenport also named us one of the 10 Shows That Stand Out at the Fringe Festival.

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